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Moving Well Beyond the Iranian ‘Check’: Amb. Michael B. Oren, JNS, Mar. 14, 2018— While Israel is mired in domestic scandals and coalition crises…

Waking Up to the Iranian Threat: David M. Weinberg, Jerusalem Post, Feb. 15, 2018— Perusing global media coverage of the sharp skirmish on our northern border last weekend, I was struck by the fact that few outlets focused on the Iranian aggression.

Iran-Israel Clash Marks New Phase of Syrian Conflict: Matthew R.J. Brodsky, Weekly Standard, Feb. 13, 2018 — The recent clash between Iran and Israel is the latest indication that there’s some unfinished business to attend to in Syria…

Iran’s Theocracy Is on the Brink: Mark Dubowitz, Wall Street Journal, Jan. 1, 2017— Iran has a peculiar habit of surprising Americans.

Lebanon's Fall Would be Iran's Gain: John Bolton, Pittsburgh Tribune, Nov. 11, 2017— Almost unnoticed in the coverage of President Trump's Asia trip, Lebanon is slipping under Iran's control.

How Trump Can Improve the Iran Deal: Mark Dubowitz & David Albright, Wall Street Journal, Sept. 25, 2017 — Powerful voices at home and abroad are pressuring President Trump to give his blessing to his predecessor’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

N. Korea and Iran: Editorial, Jerusalem Post, Sept. 3, 2017— The situation playing out now with North Korea is a nightmare scenario of the dangers of nuclear proliferation.

Bring Back Containment: Robert Joseph, Weekly Standard, Aug. 21, 2017 — The Trump administration is conducting a comprehensive review of U.S. policy toward Iran.