Policy Speeches vs Policy: Caroline B. Glick, Jerusalem Post, Dec. 14, 2017— President Donald Trump is scheduled to release a new US national security strategy on Monday.

A New Politics Emerges in Middle East. It Doesn't Involve Democracy: Robert Fulford, National Post, Nov. 10, 2017— On December 17, 2010, a 26-year-old Tunisian street vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi was infuriated by bureaucrats who refused to give him a peddler’s permit.

After Trump Visit, the Onus Rests on Us: Isi Leibler, Algemeiner, May 24, 2017 — Overall, US President Donald Trump has delivered.

Trump Isn’t Repeating Obama’s Middle East Mistakes: Jonathan S. Tobin, National Review, Feb.

As the Arab World Crumbles, New Alliances Emerge: Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Arutz Sheva, Aug. 25, 2016— Several looming challenges pose a clear and present danger to the Arab world's ability to continue as a viable culture and functioning political system.

The Price of Powerlessness: Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post, Aug. 18, 2016— This week Russian bombers flew out of Iranian air bases to attack rebel positions in Syria. The State Department pretended not to be surprised. It should be. It should be alarmed.

U.S. Mideast Retreat a Boon for Moscow and Tehran: Efraim Inbar, Middle East Quarterly, Summer 2016— The United States is in retreat in the Middle East, and the adverse implications of this policy shift are manifold.  

Israel, the Only Country Standing in the Way of the Mideast Descending into Total Chaos: Robert Fulford, National Post, Mar. 18, 2016— Across the Arab world, dictators denounce Israel as a way of diverting the masses from their miserable condition.



Consequences of American Retreat from the Middle East: Prof. Efraim Inbar, BESA, Feb. 24, 2016— The US, under President Barack Obama, has signaled its intent to reduce its presence in the Middle East.