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Cause and Effect: Editorial, Jerusalem Post, July 23, 2017— Is there a cause and effect relationship between the new security arrangements instituted by Israel on the Temple Mount and the horrific murder of Yosef Salomon, 70, and his children Chaya, 46, and Elad, 36?  

Temple Mount Turmoil: Preventing an Explosion of Mounting Tensions: Editorial, Jerusalem Post, July 17, 2017— Last week, The Atlantic rendered a great service to those of us who contend that America is in the midst of a civil war between the right and the left.

Defending the Civilized World: Clifford D. May, Washington Times, Jan. 24, 2017— In an inaugural address that was more purposeful than poetic, President Trump last Friday vowed to “unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism…


Merkel Government Still in Denial: Vijeta Uniyal, Gatestone Institute, Dec. 20, 2016 — Monday's terrorist attack on a Berlin Christmas market killed at least 12 people and injured 50 others.

Why the Arab Terror in Jerusalem?: Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Breaking Israel News, Oct. 20, 2016— Hope, not despair, is the reason for Islamic-Arab terror in Jerusalem.

Deplorably, Trump is Going to Win: David P. Goldman, Asia Times, Sept. 11, 2016 — The presidential election was over the moment the word “deplorable” made its run out of Hillary Clinton’s unguarded mouth.

Remembering a Hero, 15 Years After 9/11: Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal, Sept. 9, 2016 — What do I think about when I think about that day?

France: The Coming Civil War: Yves Mamou, Gatestone Institute, July 16, 2016— "We are on the verge of a civil war." That quote did not come from a fanatic or a lunatic.